What are the Skills Required to Pursue a BA in Journalism?

When I was young, I was amazed every time I see and hear journalists on TV and radio. From then on, I dreamed of becoming a broadcaster or reporter.

When I graduated high school, I took a BA in journalism. Like I thought when I was in elementary, the course was fun and challenging at the same time.

But what are the skills you should possess before you enroll in a BA in journalism, though? Good question and you have come to the right place!


Many have taken a course in journalism, but only a few have succeeded.

Like any career path, a BA in journalism is not as simple as you imagine. It is difficult. That’s why students with determination always have the edge over others.

If you are afraid of taking on new challenges, this course is not for you. Find another career instead.

But if you are determined to deliver news on national TV or local radio station, you could be a successful journalist, and there is nothing impossible. Believe me!

Good Oral and Written Skills

Your job as an aspiring journalist is to write content and communicate to your target audience. Therefore, you should have good oral and written skills.

If you struggle in this department, that’s all right. There is no born journalist, I believe. With practice, everything is possible.

If you experience a trouble expressing yourself in written forms, devote your time to improve this skill.

In case you stutter in front of a large crowd, try to socialize with people. After four years in a university, you will be more proficient and competitive than expected.


During the early months in journalism, I was surprised as I needed to move around and meet people every day. That’s exhausting.

What I did was improve my stamina. Yes, an intensive workout was part of my daily routine and even up to this day.

If you easily get tired, now is the right time to exercise. But you do not need to lift weights or perform another strenuous workout.

A morning walk is more than enough. If you have extra time, it is better to go to the gym.

Interpersonal Skills 

Most of the time, journalists need to talk to strangers to gather information. Although it sounds easy, it is complicated literally as you have to connect with people and gain their trust.

This will be less stressful when you possess a good interpersonal skills. Of course, not everyone has the ability yet. If you are one of them, there is nothing to be afraid of. While studying for your baccalaureate degree, practice cultivating a positive outlook, controlling your emotions, showing interest in your colleagues, maintaining rapport, and being assertive.

Failure is part of the process. But you will learn from it.


Learning new things can be nerve-wracking. But when you are enthusiastic about everything, you would have a good mindset about journalism or other career paths.

No matter how complicated the activity is, you will have the energy and motivation to get it done without taking any shortcuts.

So, why would you choose a BA in journalism if you do not have the passion? While this interest and dedication may be developed after some time, what if you still not find the course engaging when you graduate? Choose a specific profession you love instead.


Let’s say you are timid. So, can you not be a successful and effective journalist? Confidence can be acquired and taught, remember.

Whether you are afraid to face a crowd or want to be a broadcaster in the future, focus on improving your self-esteem.

To boost your confidence, determine and challenge your negative beliefs, identify your strengths, build positive relationships, exert effort to achieve your desired physique, and do not be afraid to take risks.

What’s more, expose yourself in front of people. You can join school organizations and participate in events. Do not stay in your comfort zone. Try to socialize with people.

I hope some of these tips would help you throughout your journey. I wish you good luck and always enjoy every moment. Any predicament is part of the process. But you will get used to it.



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